Sunday, 22 January 2012

4 finals for Therapy today magazine all done yey. The top pictures are 1 photoshop and 1 vector for "Can't pay won't pay" and the bottom 2 are 1 photoshop and 1 vector image for "Family time". So nice to be finished them.. now to get back to my toy project!!

Starting work on my toy animation this weekend. We had to choose a toy from our childhood and were given a global issue for the toy to save. So mine is "How to create peace with a dog on wheels". Has been quite a challenge to work this out properly as well as come up with a story to make into an animation (as we're not animators) but still its good to try and learn different things. This is one of my final frames I'm going to use with Sam and his puppy dog eyes. Do you think he looks cute enough yet? :)

Friday, 20 January 2012

College work is a bit non stop at the moment but ANYWAY I have a piece finished hurray!

This is my photoshop picture for "Family time", an article about young people's issues with drugs/alcohol and how it affects them and their family. After lots of sketches this has turned out to be my final. I decided to use a staircase to symbolise how how far away the young person felt from their family because of the alcohol around them. For the first time I've started bringing textures in to my digital artwork and I think it's really helping it come across better - so I'm happy with the result. Definitely going to keep trying out textures in my work.
Back to the drawing board now - I have one last picture to do for the articles for Therapy today magazine (already began this picture which is on the post before this one so shouldn't be too bad!)

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Been trying to work on my third digital image for the Therapy today articles. This is some rough ideas for the other vector image. A few of my classmates and tutor liked the strong red against the simplicity of the figures. I agree with them about the figures but I'm really not sure about the red, struggling a bit to figure out what looks best. Wondering whether it needs anything in the background and also what colours to use. Tried a few but I'm not sure what's really working yet. Any suggestions?

vector image

My second digital image for therapy today article (this one had to be a vector image) just need to fix the hands and the shadow on the big hand then I think I'm pretty much done.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Bloody Chamber finals

Hooray!!! Finished all the pictures for House of Illustration competition. Taken a full week just to get the finals done. Sooo much hard work but I think it's paid off and they've turned out reasonably well.
I used my usual style of paint but did it on calico this time so I could try something a bit different and add some sewn elements too - which I think adds alot to the pictures and brings them out a bit more. Something I think I'll keep trying in the future.

So that's my three final pieces and binding design which has been sent away now. 1st prize = £4000 could do with that wish me luck!

Bloody Chamber sketches

For the House of Illustration competition we were asked to come up with 3 illustrations for the stories - The bloody chamber, Puss in boots and The company of wolves from the book The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter.
Was really excited about doing a brief like this as I love book publishing.
Started doing some of the sketches for The Bloody Chamber story...