Sunday, 26 January 2014

Happy new year everybody and all that :) Hope 2014 is a fantastic and creative filled year for you all!
So I'm aware I've got a few posts to catch up on (oops sorry about that) so I'll start with the newest first -

A commission I've literally just finished this weekend. A painted african silhouette with zebras (aparantly she loves zebras so I hope she likes it!)


Another commission I've recently just finished - a typography based project as a valentines surprise. I do admit I like working with text and image together and I think this one turned out well with a big of digital mixed media.

And finally for christmas I worked on a project for my uncle that he wanted to give his girlfriend. It was based on a cartoon doodle he did of both of them gazing up to the stars and after discussing it this is what it turned out. Very pleased with this one as stars and animals are my favourite thing to do and I do like that gold frame too! Anyway this one was a success, I'll have to see about the other two :p