Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween!

Here's a little scary sketch I did for a Halloween with personal story attached to it

"What scared me as a child."

The whole idea of "Monsters under the bed" never really scared me but I did wonder where else they could be. Sometimes when I was alone in my room, in the dark and couldn't get to sleep I was convinced "things" monsters of sorts were just outside lurking in the stairway and could appear any moment to suprise me. That thought terrified me and I had to get to safety (my mum and dad's room). Which by the way was the worst placed room (opposite the stairway) meaning I've have to go past the monsters. I was so sure that they would wait for me there and if I didn't run fast enough  they would be able to grab me with these huge, creepy hands.
Even though I was terrified of the monsters I remember it was better to feel safe than sit on my own and feel worried, I just had to be fast enough! When the moment came I remembered bolting round that corner as fast as I could so they couldn't get me (obviously I was too quick for them) and feeling so relived when I got to their room. The monsters wouldn't dare go near a big, fearless adult and I went to sleep quite happily there. Not a monster in thought.

20 years later and that stairwell still makes me nervous in the dark. I'm sure they're still there :p

Happy Halloween folks and I hope you enjoyed my story :)