Thursday, 23 August 2012

Shaun Tan at the book festival

Me and Shaun Tan

My books "The red Tree" and Eric" were signed - he even did some doodles for me too :) (the red tree on the left is his fingerprint stamped!)

My second trip to the book festival within a few days this time to see illustrator Shaun Tan. Was soo excited to see him today as he's been one of my biggest inspirations. 
He gave a talk on how he got into illustration (explaining how he was an introvert which led him to being inside alot and drawing) and his past and current work - explaining the meaning behind his work. He explained how his work was very personal to him often the themes running in his books were to do with belonging - which he often struggled with. I found his talk very engaging and inspiring, giving me confidence to keep practising more drawing. I feel very lucky to hear from such an amazing illustrator.

Monday, 20 August 2012

A star of a mistake

As well as drawing I'm very into my photography these days. I'm on blipfoto - an online photography journal which I think is always helping my creativity and making me look at things differently.
This is a photograph I was taking of my starry notebook for blipfoto. It turned out blurry but I think it actually works so much better than the ones in focus. Think it made a pretty good photo and although I hate to admit it sometimes making mistakes can work to your advantage.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Book festival

Today was a pretty awesome day. I had tickets to the Book festival in Edinburgh to go and see a talk from one of my favourite childrens book illustrators - Catherine Rayner and also Anthony Browne and writer Vivien French. It was a really interesting talk about how they got into illustration, styles, how they come by ideas etc and I found it really great to hear from such successful illustrators. Also how they worry about how their work looks just as much as me!!
This is a photo of me with Catherine and Anthony after the talk who I had a wee chat with after and also signed my books. Anthony Browne also wished me well in my career. A really good positive and inspiring day.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Illustration Friday - "Bounce"

Background painted with acrylics and ink

sketches of the deer first done in pencil then changed to white in photoshop

Final piece :)

Mixed media - paint, pencil, cut out paper and photoshop

A bit of a rushed entry this week as I only started today but I was determind to get something done. I thought of the usual bouncy ball, trampoline etc but wanted to try doing not so many people would think of. I decided to do a picture of  deer because when they run I always think they so elegantly bounce, leaping through the air and I love it.